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At Children’s Hospital Colorado, we treat kids and only kids. As one of the top children’s hospitals in the country, we have defined and delivered pediatric health care excellence for more than a century. Our mission is to improve the health of children through high-quality patient care, education, research and advocacy.

Our unparalleled pediatric expertise leads to health outcomes that are among the best in the country. And because our medical research is shaping the future of care, we can provide cutting-edge treatments years before they are available anywhere else.

By participating in the Mighty Millions Raffle, you help provide children of all ages with the world-class care, support and research breakthroughs they need.



Children's Hospital Colorado patient

Maddy has spina bifida and was born paralyzed from the knees down. She is treated at the Children’s Hospital Colorado Spina Bifida Clinic and has undergone several surgeries, including one to reconstruct her feet. Maddy doesn’t let her disability slow her down. She gets around using her crutches and wheelchair, and enjoys going to math class, singing in her school choir, and making jewelry. She also excels in doing cool wheelchair tricks and even performed a wheelchair dance at her school talent show.



Children's Hospital Colorado patient

Peter has a condition that affects the shape of his head and face. As a result, he was born with extensive hearing loss and a cleft palate. This made it extremely difficult for him to eat and speak normally. After multiple surgeries and therapies at Children’s Hospital Colorado, Peter is now thriving. Known for his kind heart, Peter dreams of becoming a teacher or police officer when he grows up.



Children's Hospital Colorado patient

During a prenatal visit, Evie’s parents learned their baby girl had a rare birth defect: a large opening in her abdominal wall causing internal organs to grow outside her body. Her case was so severe that her initial chances of survival were less than 1%. Defying those odds, Evie was born at the Children’s Hospital Colorado Fetal Care Center. She spent her first 10 months of life as a patient, undergoing more surgeries and procedures than any child should ever have to endure. Today, Evie is walking, talking and thriving. She continues to overcome her medical challenges with a spunky personality and a smile.



Children's Hospital Colorado patient

In 2017, Armando was involved in a firecracker accident. His hands were caught in the blast, destroying tendons and shattering bones. He was treated at the Burn Unit at Children's Hospital Colorado. The accident damaged his left hand so badly that it had to be amputated. He has since undergone six surgeries to repair the damage. Through it all, Armando has maintained a positive attitude. He is back to playing sports, and he looks forward to getting an electronic prosthetic hand.