Meet Adi

When Adi was first born, doctor’s thought she had a large birthmark, called a port wine stain. When Adi was seen at Children’s Hospital Colorado, doctors realized she had a different type of vascular birth mark, called a segmental hemangioma, which covered the right top quadrant of her face. It was a tumor that was expected to grow rapidly for the first year of her life, and then recede and absorb into her forehead. Although it was not cancerous, Adi needed steroid treatments until she was 2 to stop the tumor from growing, so she would not completely lose vision in her eye.

The steroids were successful, and Adi wears glasses with one corrective lens to make up for her impaired vision in the affected eye. As Adi has grown, the birthmark has become less prominent and poses no serious underlying health threats. She hasn’t yet decided if she will pursue any cosmetic laser procedures on her face in the future. These days Adi stays busy playing piano, dancing and playing soccer on a team that’s coached by her dad. As a patient ambassador, Adi hopes her story will encourage others to support the Children’s Colorado Dermatology Program.